Arris is a company that produces a range of networking hardware, including routers. Arris routers are popular among consumers for their reliability and advanced features. These routers are designed to provide fast and reliable internet connectivity to homes and businesses. Unlike any other router, the Arris router also faces some issues that cause its users trouble. Further, to assist users in resolving their queries Arris router support team has various channels like phone, chat, and email to resolve the customer’s issue.Arris router Support

This article will provide information on Arris router setup and Arris firmware download and update. Users seeking to resolve Arris router problems can get help regarding common errors such as can’t login to Arris Router and Arris Router Keeps Dropping Internet. We have also mentioned the Official Arris customer support details for users’ reference. If the user still needs any further help, they can call on the number on the website to get help from an Independent third-party service provider. The on-call executive will deliver you a sureshot troubleshooting guide for your issue.

How to Setup Arris Router:

In this articles section, we will provide you Step-by-Step Guide on Setting Up Arris Router. Please follow the below mentioned guide:-

  • Unpack your Arris router: Remove your Arris router from its packaging, which should include the router itself, a power adapter, and an Ethernet cable.
  • Connect Arris router to the modem: First, locate the WAN or Internet port on the back of your modem. Then, using the Ethernet cable provided, connect one end to the modem and the other to the WAN or Internet port on the Arris router.
  • Power on the modem and router: Plug the power adapter into the back of the Arris router and an electrical outlet. If applicable, turn on the modem and the Arris router by pressing the power button. Wait for both devices to power and for the router’s LED lights to stabilize.
  • Connect computer or device to the Arris router: You can connect your device to the Arris router through a wired Ethernet connection or via Wi-Fi. To establish a wired connection, connect an Ethernet cable from your computer to one of the LAN ports on the back of the Arris router. Please search for your device’s default network name (SSID) for a Wi-Fi connection and connect to it. The default SSID and password can usually be found on a label on the router itself.
  • Access the Arris router setup: Open a web browser on your connected device and enter the default IP address for the Arris router, which is typically “” or “”. This will take you to the Arris Surfboard setup page.
  • Login to Arris router: Log in with the default username and password provided on the router’s label. Usually, the default login arris router username is “admin,” and the default password is “password.”

Following these steps, you will have successfully set up the Arris router. Users seeking help regarding the Arris Surfboard setup can also refer to the above-mentioned guided steps. Users seeking help to find Arris router WPS Button and how to use it can refer to our dedicated blog on Arris Router WPS Button.

How to Update Arris Router Firmware:

update Arris router firmwareUpdating Arris router firmware is essential to ensure optimal performance and security. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to perform an Arris Firmware update:

  • Check your current firmware version: Log in to your Arris router’s admin interface by accessing the router setup page, usually by entering “” or “” into your web browser. Look for the current firmware version under the “Status” or “Device Information” section.
  • Visit the Arris support website: Go to the official Arris support website ( to check for the latest firmware version available for your specific router model. Search for your router model and compare the available firmware version with the one currently installed on your router.
  • Download the latest Arris firmware: If newer firmware is available, download the Arris firmware file onto your computer. Download the correct firmware file for your specific router model to avoid any issues during the updating process.
  • Access the Arris Firmware update section: Login to Arris router’s admin interface. Navigate to the “Administration,” “Utilities,” or “Firmware Upgrade” section (the name may vary depending on your router model).
  • Begin the Arris firmware update process: Click on the “Choose File” or “Browse” button to locate your computer’s downloaded Arris firmware file. Select the file and then click “Open.” Next, click the “Update” or “Upgrade” button to update Arris router firmware.
  • Wait for the update to complete: The updating process may take several minutes. Do not power off or interrupt the router during the Arris Firmware update, as this can cause damage to the router or corrupt the firmware. The router will automatically reboot once the update is complete.
  • Verify the update: After the router reboots, log back into the admin interface and check the firmware version to ensure the Arris router update is successful.
  • Reconfigure the router if necessary: In some cases, updating Arris router firmware may reset your settings to default values. If this occurs, you must reconfigure your Arris router settings, such as Wi-Fi network name and password, as needed.

By following these steps, you will have completed the Arris firmware update, ensuring your router is running the latest and most secure version of its firmware. Remember to periodically check for new firmware updates to keep your router running smoothly and securely. For specific Arris surfboard firmware update you can follow the same Steps mentioned above.

Official Arris Router Support Details:arris customer support

Arris router support contact assists customers experiencing issues with their Arris routers or requiring additional information. To assist users, we have collected the official Arris contact support details through various sources on the internet. We request that users check these contact details as the official information can be updated anytime without prior notice. We are not responsible if you find out any changes in the given information.

Arris customer service number 1-866-342-8640

Fix Arris Router Problems:

Like any other routers, Arris routers can encounter problems and issues that affect their performance and user experience. Arris router problems can arise from various factors, such as hardware malfunctions, outdated firmware, incorrect Arris Router configurations, or external interference. Users can improve their internet connectivity, Wi-Fi signal strength, and overall network performance by identifying and addressing these Arris router issues. To help users identify and resolve the Arris Router issues, we have mentioned some of the common Arris Router Problems, such as can’t login to Arris Router and Arris Router Keeps Dropping Internet, with their troubleshooting guide.

Why I can’t Login to Arris Router:

If you can’t login to Arris router, follow this step-by-step guide to fix the issue:

  • Verify the router’s IP address: To access the Arris Router Login page, you must know the router’s default IP address. Typically, it’s either “” or “”. Check the label on the router or the user manual to confirm the correct IP address.
  • Check your connection: Ensure your device is connected to the Arris router via an Ethernet cable or Wi-Fi. A stable relationship is necessary to access the router’s admin interface.
  • Clear browser cache: A corrupted browser cache can sometimes cause issues when trying Login to Arris router. Clear your browser’s cache and cookies, then restart the browser before reassessing the Arris router login page.
  • Disable browser extensions: Some extensions or add-ons can interfere with the Arris Router Login process. Disable any attachments that may be causing issues and try logging in again.
  • Try a different browser: If you’re still unable to log in, try using a different web browser to access the Arris router login page. This can help rule out any browser-specific issues.
  • Reset the router: If you cannot access the Arris Router Login page, consider performing a factory reset. Remember that this will erase all your custom settings and revert the router to its default settings. To reset the router, locate the reset button on the back or bottom of the device. Press and hold the button for 10-15 seconds using a paperclip or a similar tool. The router will reboot, and you can then try to log in using the default IP address, username, and password.
  • Verify default login Arris router credentials: Ensure you use the correct username and password for the Arris Router Login. These can typically be found on a label on the router itself or in the user manual. The default username is usually “admin,” and the default password is often “password” or “admin”.

By following these steps, you should be able to resolve the issue and successfully Login to Arris router.

Arris Router Keeps Dropping Internet:

If your Arris Router Keeps Dropping Internet, follow this step-by-step troubleshooting guide to identify and fix the issue:

  • Check your modem: The first step when your Arris Router Keeps Dropping Internet is to verify if the modem is working correctly. Check the modem’s LED lights to ensure they’re stable and indicate a proper connection. If the modem appears to be the issue, try resetting or power cycling it. Contact your internet service provider (ISP) if the problem persists.
  • Update router firmware: Outdated firmware can cause connectivity issues. Check for the latest firmware updates for your Arris router on the manufacturer’s website and update accordingly. This can help improve stability and prevent instances where the Arris Router Keeps Dropping Internet.
  • Inspect cables and connections: Make sure all cables connecting the modem, router, and your devices are securely connected and free from damage. Replace any damaged cables to prevent Arris router connectivity issues.
  • Adjust router placement: The router’s location can affect its Wi-Fi signal strength and stability. Ensure your router is placed in a central, elevated location, away from metal objects and electronic devices that may cause interference.
  • Check for overheating: If your Arris Router Keeps Dropping Internet, it could be due to overheating. Make sure your router is in a well-ventilated area, and consider turning it off for a few minutes to cool down before powering it back on.
  • Reset the router: If none of the above steps resolve the issue, consider factory resetting your Arris router. This will revert the router back to its default settings, potentially resolving any Arris Router configuration issues. Keep in mind that you will need to reconfigure your router settings afterward.

Following this step-by-step troubleshooting guide, you should be able to identify and resolve the issue causing your Arris Router to Keep Dropping Internet.

Arris Router Support by Us:

arris supportThrough this article, we have delivered information about how to setup Arris Router and How to update Arris Router Firmware. We have also mentioned official Arris support contact details to assist users further. Overall in this article, users will find the troubleshooting step to resolve common Arris Router problems, such as can’t login to Arris Router and Arris Router Keeps Dropping Internet. Even after reading this article, if you still need some help or got stuck in the middle of any process, you can call the number on the website to get help from an independent third-party service provider. The on-call executives will deliver you complete proof of resolution to your queries.