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Belkin International Inc. aka Belkin is a multinational company based in California, USA, which manufactures a wide variety of consumer electronic devices. The company was founded in the year 1983, dated April 18, 1983; 36 years ago by Chet Pipkin who also happens to be the Chairman and CEO. Belkin is generally known for its networking devices such as routers and other mobile computing accessories. Currently, Belkin operates under three brand names namely Linksys, Belkin, and WeMo. The products manufactured by Belkin are of distinguishing quality, each and every product is engineered for perfect precision. Belkin International follows to cope up with the new advancements in the technological field by delivering products of excellent quality to match the anticipating needs of users.

The Belkin International emerged to be the number one Global leader in connectivity, cables & wireless charging sector. All the operations at Belkin International are managed by the parent company Foxconn. Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd. widely known as the Foxconn group of industries specializes in manufacturing consumer electronics. In the year 2013 Belkin International acquired popular network business unit, Cisco Systems, including the other brand Linksys. Belkin was acquired by Foxconn on March 26, 2018, for an amount of $866 million.belkin setup

Belkin currently sells a variety of consumer products such as Cables & adapters, Classroom accessories, Mobile accessories, Power & charging, Smartwatch accessories, Cases & armbands, Computer accessories, Screen protection, Lightning accessories, Wemo – home automation, USB-C accessories, In-car collection, Tablet keyboards & cases, Networking, HDMI & audio. Belkin has popular Belkin Wi-Fi extender setup for your home and office needs.

When carrying out the Belkin set up for these electronics you may face certain issues which trouble you in getting the job done. For such instances, you can contact Belkin phone number provided on the official website. If you are not able to reach the Belkin support number, you can call the toll free provided on this website for quick and easy solutions for any of your problems or queries related to Belkin set up.

Belkin Router Set up >> Easy steps for Belkin Router Setup with PC

For sharing your internet broadband connection across all your networking devices you will first need to do your Belkin router setup. This is often a tricky task but doesn’t hesitate as this tutorial will help you. Also, the same steps are applicable for Belkin wireless extender setup. You can also follow official steps given on www Belkin setup webpage. Follow the steps given below to set up your Belkin router with PC.

  1. First of all, make sure you have all the right gear.
  2. You will need the following items, one PC that is your main computer, one modem which is typically given to you by your internet service provider, Belkin router, and two Ethernet cables. One cable should already be connected from your modem to your computer.
  3. Next thing you shall do is unplug the power from your DSL modem, also make sure your router is unplugged as well.
  4. Now remove the Ethernet cable from your modem.
  5. Put the Ethernet cable into one of the ports available at the rear of the router. Leave the other end into the back of your computer. Contact Belkin phone number to get information on ports.
  6. Take the second Ethernet cable and plug one end into an available port on your modem.
  7. Plug the other end into modem port on the router.
  8. Reconnect the power supply to your modem.
  9. Now, wait for at least 30 seconds. Your modem should start up.
  10. Connect the power to your Belkin router. The router will take almost 60 seconds to power up.
  11. Launch an internet browser such as Google Chrome on your computer to check if the router is working correctly.
  12. Now try to access any website, it should open up.
  13. Your Belkin router setup is now done.

belkin range extender setupYou can contact Belkin support number and take help in setting up the router from the official website or you can also visit the nearest Belkin service centre. You can visit to know more about service centre locations. Though you won’t face any need to call the Belkin contact number upon following the instructions, yet there may be a chance you are stuck on to some step and need further help. In such a case you can contact Belkin customer support which is available day in and day out to serve its customers.

In case you are unable to reach the Belkin router customer service you can dial the toll-free given on the website for quick help.

Belkin Support Phone Numbers – Official:

To ease the search of official Belkin support numbers and other contact options, we have given all the Belkin contact details here. You can use any of the Belkin contact options of the specific brand and get in touch with the experts. However, the Belkin customer service numbers and other contact options mentioned here are results of the resources available on the internet. In case, meanwhile, these Belkin contact options get changed by the OEMs or the manufacturer and if you are unable to use these given contact details, we are not accountable for this. We suggest you to have a thorough check over these Belkin router customer service numbers and other contact options mentioned here by yourself and then use them. Or else, call on our support number given on this webpage for instant assistance. This support number redirects the customers call to an independent 3rd-party Belkin customer support number.

Belkin Online Chat Service
Belkin Customer Service Number +1 800-223-5546
Belkin Support Number UK (0) 1933 770 254
Belkin Customer Support Number Australia 1800 235 546
Belkin Phone Number UK (office) +44 (0) 1933 35 2000

Belkin Wifi Extender Setup >> How to reset the Belkin Wi-Fi network password?

If you forget the password for your Belkin router or someone has stolen your router password, then you will be unable to get into your router settings by logging in. In such a case, you need to reset the password for your Belkin router. It doesn’t really matter of any kind of router model, it’s still the same procedure of the setting for all, this is mentioned on www Belkin setup website too. Follow these steps to reset the Belkin router setup back to the factory settings.

  1. First, when you turn your router over, you can see some information at the bottom label such as your router’s SSID, password and PIN number. These 3 things are very important especially when we reset the router, this goes back to the initial status. If you aren’t in reach of the router, then you’ve to ask the router’s owner to get the above information.
  2. Now turn the router back, you can see a very little red “reset” button right there, use any sharp thing as screwdriver, press and hold it for at least 20 seconds; and then release; wait a moment to complete the Belkin set up resetting.belkin router setup
  3. You should now unplug all the devices such as modem and router for at least 30 seconds or as long. And then re-plug them again.
  4. Make sure they’re all connected correctly. Now set the Modem on the Internet first, and then the Router. Connect to PC via wireless (Wi-Fi); the connection can make the DHCP server assign the TCP/IP to all the devices. You may be using an Ethernet connection with the wireless service, that will also work. Normally, after the reset is done, we’ve to reconnect to the network. Contact Belkin tech support by googling help Belkin and get support through the official page.
  5. All the things will revert back to the original status. You now need to search the default network that was shown on the router’s label and click it, and then put the default initial password. Some router Wi-Fi password is blank or empty. But some are not as Belkin, you must choose a particular SSID and enter the default password that already printed on the router’s label.
  6. Now click the “join” tab to establish the connection. Just put the default Belkin router IP – Now, it links to the router status page, you can see at the right top corner that the router Internet status is “connected.”
  7. Now to set up a new Wi-Fi network and password follow further steps. Select “connection type”, it has 3 types connection: Dynamic, Static and PPPoE, use either one to get you on the Internet, if you didn’t know any, please choose “Dynamic” to let the server assign a new IP address for you.
  8. Then select “Channel and SSID” tab. SSID is your default network name. Enter your new network name, you don’t have to change the status just leave it, and set the “protected mode” to “off”. Now click on “Apply Changes”. It takes 60 seconds to complete the process.
  9. Reconnect to your router again. You can also Contact Belkin router support by googling help Belkin and get support through the official site.
  10. To change the password for the router you need to enter a Pre-Shared Key (PSK). You can use any words, phrases, letters, numbers, spaces, and symbols between 8 and 63 characters long. Click “Apply Changes”. It also takes another 60 seconds to complete the process.
  11. Again reconnect to your router again with new credentials. Setting up of a new Wi-Fi network and password in Belkin router setup is now done. You can also follow official steps given on www Belkin setup webpage for further reference.

You can also follow the same steps to reset the Belkin extender setup. If you are unable to reset the router or the Belkin Wi-Fi extender setup, then you can take help from the Belkin phone number found on the official website. The Belkin tech support strives hard to provide the best possible solutions for your problems related to Belkin router set up or even Belkin extender setup. You would be glad to be informed that Belkin router support is available 24-7 to cater to the needs of its customers.

Though upon following the instructions given above or calling Belkin contact number you can get solution for any of your query, but if your issue is still not resolved then you can dial the toll free mentioned above to get help.

belkin range setupBelkin Wifi Range Extender Setup >> Enhanced security for your Belkin router password.

After resetting your new Wi-Fi network and password, the next thing you need to do is enhance your network security protection. It is very easy to have someone’s default router IP while people try Googling, once they hit in your router setting page, there is no password needed, it’s very terrible because they can do any change without your permission. Do note that these settings aren’t applicable for any Belkin extender setup. You should perform this while doing the Belkin wireless router setup. In order to enhance the security you can follow the steps:

  1. Select the “System Setting” that will go to “Utilities” page, that’s a very important part; you have to set up a new login password to access your administrator. In the 1st field type in the current one, if you don’t have either, leave it blank; and then type a new password, repeat type again to make a confirmation.
  2. Set the “Login Timeout”. From 1 minute to 99 minutes. You can get in touch with Belkin tech support for any help.
  3. Then click “apply changes”. It takes 10 seconds to complete the process. You are now out of the login page, same happens for this after the time expires, it would auto log out again.
  4. You can make your SSID nearly invisible for increasing your network security. Go to “Channel & SSID”, “uncheck” the box at “Broadcast SSID” to makes your SSID invisible on the network, and then click “apply changes”. It takes 60 seconds to complete the changing and save it. Contact help Belkin for more information on SSID.
  5. If you need to check out who is using your Wi-Fi network. Select “DHCP Client List”. This page shows you the list of the devices, which around you and connected to your network. And then click “refresh” to see the details, you can see each device has physical MAC address individually. You can also dial the Belkin support number for help regarding this.
  6. Now optionally you can go to “Mac Address Filtering”, enter the MAC address on the list, check the box of “Enable Mac Address Filtering” to filter connected devices. The MAC address filter is much more efficient to kick someone out of the network.
  7. Go to “System Settings”, scroll down to the 3rd row “Remote Management”, before doing this step, and please make sure you’ve set your administrator password. Check the “Enable” radio button to access “Remote Management Enable”, check the box of “Any IP address can remotely manage on the router” to allow any device access to your admin panel in the Belkin wireless router setup.
  8. You can uncheck it to not allow anyone access. And choose the “Only this IP address to manage the router”, enter your device’s IP address whom you want to provide access to.
  9. Click “Apply Changes.”belkin support number

Note: The last thing everyone concerns is password. You can choose the security mode to “WPA2” and the Authentication to a more comprehensive one to increase the password encryption. However, it still does not guarantee you’re safe and will not be hacked. The point is what the password you created. It’s not just only dependent on password encryption. Try not to make it too simple, like someone’s name, birthday, or any words and phrases to get someone easy guesses. The password allows you to use letters, numbers, space, and symbols, and you’d better make it at least 8 characters long or as long as well. After done all the setting, you’ve gone to restart the router, click “Restart Router” to refresh your router, and then click “OK”; it would be taken like 60 seconds to complete the process. For more information about Belkin extender setup, contact help

  1. Security settings are now done for your Belkin router set up.

After going through the steps once, Belkin wireless router setup for password is done and there isn’t any need to reach Belkin customer support. Yet if you feel any need for help in doing the Belkin router setup then you can call Belkin customer service number for help. The technician available on the other end of Belkin router support will provide the best possible solution on which you can rely. You would find it useful that help Belkin customer service number is available round the clock for your needs. In case you are unable to reach to the Belkin router customer service from the official website you can dial the toll-free mentioned here. This toll-free will connect you to an independent third party Belkin router support technician who can guide you in fixing your issue. Make sure you have read T&C before contacting any third party Belkin contact number.

Belkin Customer Service >> Belkin router firmware update

After purchasing a new Belkin router, you should perform a firmware update. A firmware contains encoded instructions to help improve the performance of your Belkin router. The firmware can also resolve any issues regarding the previous firmware have. The below-mentioned steps take you through a process of updating your firmware for routers and even your Belkin range setup.

Note: Before starting the troubleshooting process, make sure that your computer is connected to the router using an Ethernet cable for stable connectivity to prevent upgrade failures. You can visit for more information regarding Belkin WiFi range extender setup or Belkin WiFi extender setup.

  • Check the firmware version of your router

The firmware version of your router must be identified to check whether it is outdated or just needs to be reflashed which is upgrading the firmware with the same version that you are currently using.

belkin customer service numberIf you happen to have a Belkin range extender setup, then check if it supports updating firmware before continuing. The model number and version of your router can be found on the label at the bottom of the router or on the box above the UPC code. You can also get model number following Belkin Wi-Fi extender setup steps available on the official website.

You can always contact the Belkin support number if you forget information on firmware versions. In case you cannot get the required help from the Belkin tech support, you can dial the Belkin phone number given on the official website. You can easily elicit Belkin customer support by visiting via a web browser. Here you may also get the information related to Belkin WiFi range extender setup and Belkin WiFi extender setup.

  • Download the firmware

Before updating the firmware of your router, you need to download and save the updated firmware file from the www Belkin setup support site to your computer. Upon the successful download of the Belkin Wi-Fi range extender setup, we will install it via the router settings. You can also take help from Belkin router support for this process. Also, you should not upgrade firmware for Belkin netcam setup using these instructions, follow only for upgrading your Belkin range setup.

Follow the steps given below to download firmware for Belkin wireless router setup.

  1. Go to the www Belkin setup support site then enter the model number of your device in the ‘enter model #’ field.
  2. On the device’s support page, scroll down the screen and under the download section, select the file that you need.
  3. Select the firmware version that you need by scrolling down the page then click the download link. Dial the Belkin contact number given on the official website or contact Belkin router customer service for further help.
  4. Give the file in the desktop to help you easily locate it whenever you need it. You may also rename the file for easier identification.

You can easily download the firmware without finding any need to get in touch with Belkin customer support as this is an easy task. Yet if you find difficulty in finding the firmware version you can take help from Belkin support number which is easily available on the web. If you cannot find the Belkin contact number, you can get it from the official website which is You would be happy to acknowledge that Belkin router support is available 24-7 for your help.belkin phone number

In case you cannot reach the official Belkin customer support you have an option to dial toll-free given on this website for easy aid on the issue related to Belkin wireless extender setup or Belkin WiFi range extender setup in general.

  • Perform the upgrade

You can also follow these steps to upgrade Belkin wireless extender setup firmware.

  1. Access the web-based Belkin router set up page by opening any web browser such as Google Chrome.
  2. On the address bar, enter router local IP address and then press Enter.
  3. Open the router info section under the router details.
  4. Click browse and search for the file you saved previously. Select the firmware file and click open. You can also contact help Belkin customer support for more help.
  5. Now click on update. You will be prompted to continue with the upgrade. Click on OK.
  6. A prompt that advises you not to turn off or reboot the router at the end of the upgrade will appear. Click OK.
  7. The firmware update status will then appear. Make sure you do not interrupt or unplug the router during the update process.
  8. Once the update is complete, you will be prompted to wait for several seconds.
  9. Updating your Belkin router’s or Belkin range extender setup firmware process is now complete.

You should easily be able to perform the upgrade without even contacting the Belkin phone number for help. This Belkin wireless router setup upgrade process is an easy process yet if you require any help you can get in touch with Belkin tech support. If your device gets disconnected in between the process, you should first contact Belkin customer service number as it can cause permanent damage to your device. The Belkin customer service number is available round the clock.

In case you cannot reach the Belkin phone number from the official website you have an option to dial the toll-free number provided on the website above. This toll free connects you with a certified technician to resolve any of the queries related to Belkin range setup or Belkin Wi-Fi extender setup.

Belkin Wifi Extender Setup >> How to set up Belkin n300 Wi-Fi Range Extender?

Belkin wireless extender setup is an easy process. The following steps will help you regarding how to set up your Belkin n300 Dual band Wi-Fi Range extender model number F9K1111. You require some technical skills in order to complete the Belkin range extender setup.

belkin wifi extender setupAlso for doing the Belkin router set up, you need to complete the following steps.

  • Check the network SSID and Password.
  • Perform the Belkin extender setup.

Note: You can also follow the above instructions for the Belkin range setup.

  1. Your network SSID and password can be found through your router’s page. To accept the router page, open web browsers such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Safari.
  2. On the Address bar, local IP address then press enter.
  3. Note: For Belkin routers, is the default local IP address.
  4. Scroll down and look for router info and write the details for Wi-Fi name and password.
  5. Now plug the Range Extender into a power outlet.
  6. Using any Wi-Fi device, check the list of available networks and click Belkin set up.
  7. Now you need to follow some steps for completing Belkin wireless extender setup.
  8. Open your web browser again and enter “http://Belkin.range” in the Address bar. Then press Enter. For more help, contact Belkin router customer service.
  9. Once in the range extender’s web-based Belkin set up page, click the start button.
  10. Now select the wireless network you would like to extend. Enter the password and click next.
  11. Then click on confirm.
  12. Belkin Wi-Fi extender setup is now done.

If you attended the instructions carefully the setup would have been done without requiring help from Belkin router customer service. But in case you feel that you need any extra assistance regarding the Belkin Wi-Fi range extender setup you can always contact the official support by visiting or you can also contact Belkin contact number for telephonic help.

If you are unable to reach Belkin customer service number for some reason, then you always have an option to call the toll free given above and get help regarding Belkin range extender setup or Belkin WiFi extender setup.

Belkin Tech Support >> How to do Belkin Netcam Setup easily?belkin extender setup

Netcam is a security device offered by Belkin for providing home security solution. Belkin Netcam is an IP camera which can be installed anywhere and you can get live feed on your computer or phone screen. Belkin netcam setup is an easy process; you can follow the instructions given below. Do note that these instructions are not for Belkin range setup; follow these for only doing Belkin netcam setup.

  1. Switch the netcam on.
  2. Put it in the setup mode.
  3. Check if you see a light blinking. Now open the Netcam application on your phone.
  4. Connect it to the same wireless network then pair the device with phone.
  5. Enter the credentials asked and create the net-cam account.
  6. After filling in the required information you can tap on finish.
  7. Your Belkin Netcam Setup is now done.

If you face any issue while doing the setup or any other Belkin range extender setup, then you can contact the official support or for even quick guidance you can dial the toll free mentioned on this website. Here you may also get complete information regarding Belkin WiFi range extender setup.