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cisco router supportCisco Systems, or Cisco as it is commonly known, is a multinational company in the US. Their headquarters is in San Jose, California. Cisco is one of the topmost developers and manufacturers of network and telecommunication equipment. Their most popular products are routers and switches, security systems, energy and building management systems, and WAN acceleration hardware. Cisco is a highly trusted and reputed brand widely used in most corporate companies and other businesses. Cisco also has retail or individual customers who use their products for personal home use. Over the years, Cisco has acquired many other companies and has billions of customers around the globe. Customers can resolve their issues easily by going through the solutions presented in this troubleshooting guide.

How to Setup a Cisco router >> Cisco Router Setup Help

Cisco router configuration can be a challenging task for users who are not tech-savvy. This section will show the basic steps to configure Cisco routers for offering Internet access to small networks. For Cisco router configuration, use the following steps:

  • Connect your PC to the router
  • Begin with the terminal emulation program to configure Cisco router
  • Identify the interfaces of the router
  • Configuration of IP addresses
  • Setting up access lists
  • Configuration of TCP/UDP/ICMP inspection
  • Application of inspection rules and access lists
  • Setting up NAT
  • Enabling interfaces and disabling STPcisco router setup
  • Testing the configuration

How to config a Cisco router >> Cisco Router Setup Help

If you want to know how to config a Cisco router, you have arrived at the right place. Cisco router login is required for a variety of reasons. You can benefit from different settings to secure and customize the network. For Cisco router login, use the following steps:

  • Ensure you have a network connection
  • Open any browser and visit (Cisco router IP address)
  • Input your username along with the Cisco connect password
  • In case of a new router, you will require default Cisco router passwords and usernames. For instance, one of many default Cisco router passwords is ‘admin’.

How to Configure Cisco Switch >> Cisco Setup Help

This section provides the steps to set up your Cisco switch. In addition, this section can help you with any doubts or issues that you might have with respect to the Cisco Switch default password or how to set up your Cisco Switch.

  1. Login to switch using an external emulator like PuTTY or Telnet
    • Input enable and hit Enter
    • EXEC mode will open.
    • Use configure terminal to move to configure mode
    • Use these configuration commands one by one
  • Switch# configure terminal
  • Switch(config)#how to config a cisco router
  1. Choose a hostname
    • Switch(config)#hostname switch
    • Switch(config)#
  2. Configuration of administration password
    • Switch(config)#enable secret somestrongpass
  3. Configuration of default gateway
    • Switch(config)# ip default-gateway IP-address
    • Switch# show ip route
  4. Configuration of static route
    • Switch(config)# ip route dest_IP_address mask
    • Switch# show running-config
  5. Configuration of interface description
    • Switch(config)#interface fastethernet 0/1
    • Switch(config-if)#description Development VLAN
  6. Clearing MAC address table
    • switch#clear mac address-table
  7. Setting the Duplex mode
    • Switch(config-if)#duplex full
  8. Exiting interface configuration mode
    • Switch(config-if)#exit
    • Switch(config)#
  9. Exit
    • Switch(config)#exit
    • Switch#

All about Cisco range Extender Setup without CD

If you want a Cisco range extender setup without CD, you have arrived at the right place. One cannot carry out their daily task without WiFi. Cisco RE1000 is a popular WiFi extender that amplifies WiFi signals. Usually, wireless routers are set up with the help of a CD, which comes with the packaging. Nevertheless, it can also be done manually. Firstly, reset the extender’s range to restore it to its factory settings. For this purpose, press the reset button for five seconds.

  • Connect extender port to the computer via an Ethernet cable
  • Plug in the cables and let LED lights turn stablecisco range extender setup without cd
  • Open any browser on the system
  • Input the IP address and hit ‘Enter’
  • Input your password and leave the username field blank
    • Use password: admin
  • Go to basic wireless settings and input the network name in the manual button
  • Change security settings
  • Reset by unplugging the router for thirty seconds

How to Change Cisco router password?

Whether you have a Cisco wireless router or a wired router, it is a good practice to change your password periodically. If you have forgotten the Cisco default password or the password you set, you can use the steps below to change it.

  1. First, connect the router and your system using a cable or via WiFi.
  2. Open any web browser and input (Cisco router IP address), and hit Enter.
  3. Use the Cisco WiFi router’s login credentials to login into the administration panel.
    • Cisco default password is ‘cisco’ or ‘admin’. Note that the Cisco router default password is etither a blank field, ‘cisco’ or ‘admin’.
  4. On the main menu, tap on Setup and then tap on the Quick Setup
  5. Input a new password in the space provided for Router Password and then input the same once more in the space provided for ‘Re-Enter to Confirm’.
  6. Tap on Save Settings option to finish.

Cisco Support Numbers – Official

To ease the search for official Cisco router support numbers and other contact options, we have given all the Cisco contact details here. You can use any Cisco wireless router support options and get in touch with the experts. However, the Cisco router customer support numbers and other contact options mentioned here are results of the resources available on the internet. In case, meanwhile, these Cisco contact options get changed by the OEMs or the manufacturer, and if you are unable to use these given contact details, we are not accountable for this. Therefore, we suggest you have a thorough check over these Cisco phone numbers and other contact options mentioned here by yourself and then use router customer service

Cisco customer service number USA/Canada 1 800 553 2447
Cisco technical support number Australia 1 800 805 227
Cisco customer support number UK 0800 404 7778
Cisco email technical support [email protected]

All about Cisco Password Recovery

For the Cisco router login, you need a password. Cisco router default password will usually be cisco, admin, or none. You can try any of these before you try the procedure given below. If you forgot the router password that you provided during the Cisco router configuration, you could follow these steps:

  1. First, shut down the router by switching it off.
  2. Take out the compact flash from the rear side of the router.
  3. Then turn the router router login
  4. Insert the compact flash back in as soon as the ROMmon mode is seen.
  5. To boot the router from the flash, key in confreg 0x2142 for the 1st prompt.
  6. Then key in reset
  7. Now the router will reboot, ignoring all the previously saved setup values.
  8. Enter NO for each of the following questions. You can also press Ctrl and C together to skip the entire setup procedure.
  9. Then key in Enable in the next prompt.
  10. Key in either configure memory or copy startup-config running-config to copy the RAM into the memory.
  11. Type show running-config followed by configure terminal
  12. Now key in enable secret <password>.
  13. Then provide no shutdown for every interface.
  14. Key in config-register <configuration_register_setting>
  15. Press the Ctrl and Z buttons to come out of the configuration mode.
  16. Key in write memory to save the changes.

How to Reset Cisco router?

You can make use of the steps given below in this article to reset the Cisco router to the factory default. There is also another method to reset it using the router commands, but this is the simplest and easy procedure. If you do not know the Cisco router default password, check the previous router default password

  1. First, connect the power cord of your Cisco router to a power source.
  2. Locate the Reset button on your Cisco router.
  3. Press the Reset button and hold it.
  4. In the meantime, turn the power on for the router.
  5. You can leave holding the Reset button after 5-10 seconds.
  6. The router will take about 10 to complete booting.

Note: If the lights on your Cisco router are either solid or blink in a systematic pattern, the router has finished the booting process.

  1. Turn off the power for your router. The router will reset to its factory settings when you turn it back on.

All about Cisco IOS Upgrade >> Cisco Firmware Upgrade Help

It is important to update networking equipment as it fixes bugs and security holes. Before starting with the Cisco IOS upgrade process, verify which version you are currently on. For this purpose, use the show switch command in the enable mode. The following steps have to be followed to get Cisco firmware upgraded:

  1. Download the most recent IOS image
  2. If there is a storage issue, remove the previous IOS Image from Flash.
  3. Upload the downloaded IOS Image to Flash
  4. In the Config, the Booth Path list has to be updated.
  5. Saving Running-Config to Startup-Config
  6. Reload
  7. Ensure the latest firmware is loaded.

Cisco Support from Us

cisco router customer support

Cisco is a popular name in the arena of the network and telecommunications industry. However, you may still face issues while using their products. You can read this article to resolve all your Cisco router concerns easily. If you are in the need of additional support, you can also call the phone number mentioned on this web page. It will connect your call to an independent 3rd party Cisco support where representatives assist Cisco users.