1. I’ve noticed some unusual activities on my Facebook timeline that I didn’t authorize. What immediate steps should I take if my Facebook account has been hacked and how do I ensure my personal information remains secure?

    • If you notice unauthorized activities on your Facebook timeline and suspect that your Facebook account has been hacked, you should immediately try to log into your account using your last known password. If access is still possible, change your password to a strong and unique one immediately. Simultaneously, check your linked email for any security alerts from Facebook regarding unusual login attempts or changes to your account settings. These alerts can provide crucial information about the extent of the security breach. It’s also advisable to review your recent account activities and remove any posts, messages, or friend requests you did not initiate. Finally, enable two-factor authentication for an added layer of security.

  2. Joseph hernandez

    After discovering that the email and phone associated with my Facebook profile have been changed by someone else, what are the best practices to recover a hacked Facebook account effectively?

    • To recover your hacked Facebook account after the email and phone tied to your account have been changed, begin by visiting Facebook’s “Find Your Account” page. You will need to enter any old email addresses or phone numbers previously linked to your account. Facebook will use this information to help identify your profile. Follow the on-screen instructions carefully, which may include verifying your identity through friends or previously uploaded photos. This recovery process is critical in regaining access and securing your account against further unauthorized changes.

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